A nursery in St Albans that was put into special measures last year is making "reasonable progress" according to the latest Ofsted report.

Muriel Green Nursery School, for toddlers aged three to five, was put into special measures in July 2013 after an inspection rated the school "inadequate", the lowest possible rating from the school’s watchdog.

But the third monitoring inspection has praised the school for improving teaching and managing children’s behaviour.

Last month the school’s inspectorate observed the school’s work, scrutinised documents and met with the headteacher, members of the governing body, staff, parents and a representative from the local authority. 

Inspectors said a "big improvement" was that most children now play well together and treat resources with respect. 

The report said: "Children are much more interested in the activities provided than they were during the last monitoring visit. Most children are operating at levels typical for their age, and the older children in the nursery school are ready to start school in September 2014."

In July 2013 the school went from outstanding to inadequate because of the quality of teaching, inadequate management and governance and staff did not record the administration of medicines consistently.

The recent report added: "Staff support children more effectively because daily routines and practices have become established. Staff now focus much more effectively on developing children’s learning." 

Inspectors in the most recent visit did criticise the quality of leadership in and management of the school. They also said that although improvements to the nursery are clearly visible, they have not been rapid enough.

The report said: "The headteacher works tirelessly to support staff across the provision to continue to improve. 

"She has too much to do because she is temporarily covering too many roles. These include managing the daycare and acting as the special educational needs coordinator."

Karen Ashton, headteacher, said the nursery school is "making good progress".  

The nursery is not allowed to appoint newly qualified teachers before the next monitoring inspection.