Three veterans who fought in the Burma Campaign of the Second World War joined 70 others for a remembrance service in St Albans. 

Reg Cox, Richard Day and Ray Lewis attended the service commemorating the 69th anniversaries of Victory over Japan (VJ) Day and Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

One of the two memorials is for soldiers who lost their lives in the Burma Campaign against the Japanese Army in 1941-1945 and the other is for servicemen and women who died in the Korean War, and Royal Navy personnel who carried out amphibious raids throughout the Second World War.

Representatives of the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and Sandridge Parish Council also laid wreaths during the service in Woodland Park on Sunday, August 10.

The service was organised by ninety-year-old Reg Cox, who served in the Royal Marines during the Burma Campaign. He was also chairman of St Albans Burma Star Association until it disbanded in 2010 because of the increasing age and infirmity of its remaining members.

Mr Cox said: "Together with my fellow veterans, I am profoundly grateful to Geoff Harrison, the Deputy Mayor and the Mayoress for supporting this act of remembrance. I thank the Mayor for his kind words and the members of the public who defied the bad weather conditions to join us at this commemoration service. We met together at the war memorials to honour the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to make the world a better place."

During the Burma Campaign, Richard Day served in the 2nd Infantry Division and fought in the crucial Kohima battles, while Ray Lewis served in the Navy as a Seaman Gunner.