A conservation project is looking for garden volunteers to help create a new butterfly garden for next year.

Butterfly World in Chiswell Green is hoping to create a garden that will be the inspiration for thousands of visitors each year to create butterfly havens in their own gardens. 

The new design will include formal planting schemes, short and long informal landscaped area, a ‘moth mount’ and a caterpillar corner. 

Volunteers could be working with plants such as Field Scabious, Hemp Agrimony and Knapweed that specifically attract local species of butterfly as well as more traditional shrubs and flowers.

Head gardener Tim Kirk said: "At the moment the existing area is designed according to butterfly habitats, rather than its aesthetic appeal, which means it can get overlooked by visitors. 

"We intend to make the new British Butterfly Garden a beautifully designed and landscaped garden that visitors will find visually stunning, proving that you can have an attractive garden both to gardeners and wildlife". 

To get involved call 01727 869203, email info@butterflyworldproject.com or visit www.butterflyworldproject.com to download an application form.