IF 2016 goes as fast as 2015 we have little time to plan for changes that might occur.

I have fewer than five months left until the new mayor takes over, so these are my thoughts and wish list for the coming year.

Resurfacing of the High Street is looked forward to, as the present levels are all over the place due to sinking through previous poor preparation.

Therefore, it has become increasingly uneven and could damage suspensions at some point: a cost not wanted by the County Council.

Improvements to the Lido will be welcomed, as a serious input of money would bring it into the 21st Century.

And with the possibility of money from the Brine Bath fund, combined salt water could be provided with longer opening hours to suit all ages. The Spa name could then become realistic for Droitwich again.

Housing has for a long time been an irritant to most residents of Droitwich Spa, especially as the road systems around the town are increasingly clogged at peak times and are rarely quiet, except at night.

Moving the 30 mile an hour signs further out of town might slow down bunching and therefore regulate traffic for a time, but a serious look at the whole road structure will need to be done soon, particularly as or before the new housing complexes come on stream.

We can’t keep loading the towns with more housing without dealing with increased traffic use.

The hope is that we might now have got the maximum housing quoted within the future plan, therefore, we should be able to expect very limited increases in the future.

It was suggested some time ago a multi-storey car park could be built at the end of the Morrisons car park, however that did not come about.

The continuing lack of action on the recent demise of the oil complex by the railway could provide a cheap but reasonably charged multi storey income generator for the owners, instead of spending thousands cleaning the sub-soil for residential accommodation.

The rail system is expected to increase trains and therefore passenger use shortly, any way to relieve road congestion would be welcome, especially around houses in and around the town, which has got steadily worse over recent years.

Noise and fumes might be reduced once the electric cars start to be more popular with increased ranges.

We have just one charger at the moment in Waitrose carpark, but there may be more soon.

I have always wanted more coaches to come to Droitwich Spa because they take up little space compared to cars and bring fresh faces of up to 50 or more passengers who would like look round the town.

Comments for more shops in the High street are a regular request, particularly for a sports shop amongst others.

The need for diversity away from the supermarkets might help but increasingly many buy from the internet as it is 24/7.