People are being urged to join St Albans’ traditional ceremony which dates back almost 700 years.

Beat the Bounds is an event which offers people the chance to take part in a walk along the city’s boundary on Sunday, May 1 to reinforce their historic rights as citizens.

During the 4.5 mile march, they will use wands made of willow to ‘beat the bounds’ at significant locations.

The ceremony will be led by the Mayor of St Albans, Cllr Salih Gaygusuz.

It will begin at 2pm at the pudding stone in front of Kingsbury Mill in St Michael’s Village, St Albans, with everyone welcome to attend.

The walk is expected to last around two hours and will finish at the Roman Museum with tea and biscuits.

Those taking part will receive a Beating the Bounds certificate.

Getting in the spirit of the event, Cllr Gaygusuz inspected the start of the route earlier this week with pupils from nearby St Michael’s Primary School.

Cllr Gaygusuz said: “Beating the Bounds is a traditional event that brings alive the history of this great city.

“It marks the historic boundary of St Albans and reminds us of the rights residents have as citizens.

“I would ask people to join me for this walk around the ancient boundary of our city.”

The ceremony has its roots in a rebellion in medieval times against the authority of the established church.

Following a riot by the townspeople against the Abbot, 24 citizens walked around the town in 1327 to lay down its boundaries.

They declared their rights and freedoms within this area should be respected and their action has been celebrated since with the Beating the Bounds ceremony.

The mayor will be accompanied by Mayoress Maureen Gaygusuz, Deputy Mayor Cllr Gill Clarke and Mace Bearer John Hills.

Prayers will be said along the route by the Mayor’s Chaplain, The Reverend Em Coley, who is also vicar at St Leonard’s Church, Sandridge.

Tour guide Stephen Potter will take on the role of town crier.