Staff and pupils at a school in St Albans cycled for seven hours to raise money for refugees.

More than £700 was raised for Herts for Refugees when the St Albans School teachers competed against the pupils in 14 half-hour relays.

Jonathan Gillespie, headmaster at St Albans School, said: “It was wonderful to see our pupils and staff enthusiastically giving their support to Herts for Refugees.

“The cycle relay proved to be a popular event and way to raise money for this superb charity; all who took part also relished the opportunity to be declared the day’s fastest cyclist.”

Sally Robinson, a Trustee from Herts for Refugees, said: “It was fantastic to see both staff and pupils actively taking part and giving us their support.

“The atmosphere was amazing and we really appreciate the money raised, which will help to support refugees who currently need clothing and donations to help them stay in contact with family members.”

Herts for Refugees began as a small collection in August 2015, following the image and media reports of Aylan Kurdi, the young boy who washed up on the beach in Greece. It has since grown into a large operation that runs volunteering convoys to help and support refugees.