People of St Albans are being encouraged to take part in a traditional bash.

The 700-year-old custom of Beating the Bounds will be led by Mayor of the City and District of St Albans Cllr Frances Leonard on Sunday, May 21.

The ancient rite involved a four-and-a-half mile walk along the city boundary and beating the ground with wands made out of willow in significant places.

Everyone is welcome to join the procession which will start at the pudding stone in front of Kingsbury Mill in St Michael’s Village, St Albans at 2.00pm.

The Mayor's Chaplain, the Reverend Em Coley of St Leonard's Church in Sandridge will say prayers along the route and tour guide Stephen Potter will take on the role of Town Crier.

Although Christian prayers are now incorporated into the tradition, the ritual has its roots in a rebellion against the church in medieval times.

The ceremony started in 1327 when 24 citizens laid down the boundaries of the city following a riot with the townspeople from Abbot.

They declared their rights and freedoms within this area should be respected and their action has been celebrated since with the Beating the Bounds ceremony.

The walk is expected to finish at around 4.00pm at the Verulamium Museum with tea and biscuits available for walkers.

Everyone participating in the event will be awarded a special Beating the Bounds certificate.

The Mayor inspected the start of the route with the help of pupils from nearby St Michaels Primary School to get prepared for Sunday's ceremony.