St Albans' first criminal behaviour order was given after a man repeatedly conducted in anti-social drinking and disorderly conduct.

Luigi Basile, 48, from Sandridge, was given the CBO at St Albans Magistrates' Court on September 1 after police applied following a number of instances where Basile breached his community protection order and was violent or drunk in public places, making nuisance calls to emergency services and being anti-social on public transport.

St Albans Neighbourhood Inspector Adam Such said the serve has had an ongoing problem with street drinkers in the city centre and their use of CPNs have proved successful, despite Basile continue to breach his conditions leading to his CBO.

Insp Such added: "The magistrates saw that his unpleasant, abusive and criminal behaviour has been a constant thorn in the side of residents and agreed that action was necessary.

"I am pleased that the court granted the order."

Insp Such also hopes this will serve as a warning to those who consider acting out with the same behaviour, and as reassurance to those living in the area.

The conditions are of Basile's CBO are to not enter any part of St Albans or Watford town centre whilst intoxicated, to enter any part of St Albans or Watford Borough Council with an open vessel containing alcohol or any NHS hospital or property unless there is an emergency of pre-planned appointment, and he must leave the property once treatment is completed.

If residents see Basile in these areas drunk or with alcohol, they are asked to contact police on 101.