Residents may be moved from their homes as improvements costing £570,000 are to be installed in a high-rise.

Following a fire safety review by the St Albans City and District Council in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the only block of six storeys or more, Telford Court, was found to be without sprinklers as it was built before these became a requirement.

The sprinkler system would cost around £128,000 and other building work and redecoration of the flats would bring the amount to £420,000, with an additional £150,000 spent on moving residents out of their flats in case drilling work disturbs asbestos in the building.

Cllr Brian Ellis, who leads on housing for the council, said: “We have been both quick and thorough in our response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

“Fire risk assessments across our properties show that we have been reducing the fire risk. However, we will not get complacent and will continue to work on these issues.

“It is right that we have budgeted for fitting sprinklers at Telford Court flats as this is a measure we may well have to undertake. I can assure residents, though, that the current safety risk is low and we will consult with them on all future plans.”

The council's cabinet met and noted £570,000 will be set aside in their budgets to cover the potential cost of the sprinklers, which may depend on recommendations from the government's independent review of fire regulations, with a report due next year.

The electrics and smoke alarms in each flat at Telford Court have been checked and the emergency lighting upgraded and a council-ordered fire risk assessment concluded the risk was low and residents have not informed the council of any concerns.

Anne Main, MP for St Albans, said: "I am pleased that the council has been proactive and has taken this action.  When I wrote to the secretary of state immediately after Grenfell I stressed the point that there should be dialogue and expertise shared across authorities. 

"It’s important that there is a thorough and holistic approach to fire safety, which is fundamentally about protecting lives. 

"We must always look closely at the safety inspections and how they’re carried out, and continue to make improvements where necessary."

Extra to the upgrades already in place, the council has contacted owners of privately-rented flat blocks to remind them of the need to ensure safeguarding measures are in place.