A DISABLED man is angry at Hertfordshire County Council’s decision not to remove, what he has described as, ‘a hazardous bollard’ from outside his home.

Graham Veasey, 48, of Stockbreach Road, Hatfield tripped over the bollard several months ago while getting out of his car, causing injury to both his leg and back.

He reported the accident to the county council which only last week notified him that it was unwilling to remove the bollard.

The bollard is outside Mr Veasey’s disabled parking bay and he fears another accident is inevitable.

Mr Veasey, who uses a stick to walk following a car accident, said: “I feel down and rotten about the council’s actions not to remove the bollard.

“I want it to be moved as it serves no purpose and is only going to cause another accident.”

The council told the Review that the wooden post is clearly visible and prevents cars from parking on the grass verge.

Mr Veasey said: “Parking has never been an issue outside my house. I have never seen cars parking on the grass on my side of the road.”

The council added that there is no reason why Mr Veasey should need to walk on the grass as he can use the pavement.

An officer was due to visit the site again yesterday morning to ensure the post was not posing a danger.