THE worst Sunday League football kit is sported by St Albans' own Bar 62 FC who designed the pink, brown and lime green combo themselves.

Players from the team modelling the shorts, T-shirt and socks popped into the Soccer Am studio over the weekend when their oddly-coloured kit was declared the ugliest on air (picture to follow shortly).

Speaking to the Review, team captain John Littlewood told how Sky Sports presenter Geoff Shreeves spotted them in his local park.

John said: “He just said to us that's the worst kit I have ever seen and said he will get us on to Soccer Am.

“We designed it and it is really that bad – we designed it to be as bad as possible. So we thought of the worst possible combination and there had to be pink in there with a bit of lime green and the brown.

“We just thought at the end of the day it's Sunday League. I find it funny that some people take it so seriously, but face it, we're not professionals.”

Other teams are being challenged to see if they can find a worse combination to beat the Bar 62 team who are playing in the Review Sunday League.

To watch the team's appearance, click the link related link.