WHEN you are suffering executive stress, laughter is often the last thing on your mind but one company aims to change all that through its unique workshops.

UnitedMind combats executive stress by using the latest weapon of choice laughter and has entered the corporate market with a range of Laughter Workshops. A Laughter Workshop combines meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and specific laughter exercises with playfulness and purpose.

Lotte Mikkelsen, the founder of UnitedMind, is a certified laughter instructor and holistic therapist. She says: "When we laugh, we break down social barriers and the intimacy created by laughing brings people and cultures together. Senior management and junior staff laughing with each other.

"Research has shown that laughter helps you live longer, lowers high blood pressure and reduces the effects of stress. It removes inhibitions, improves your confidence and performance and adds renewed energy to your relationships, both business and personal."

UnitedMind launched The Laughter Club International in St Albans in June 2004 and has laughed with a wide range of professions.

Visit www.unitedmind.co.uk or contact Ms Mikkelsen on 01727 872680.