Shadow Minister for Water, MP Gavin Shuker, visited Aylett Nurseries in St Albans on Wednesday to discuss the water restrictions.

He met garden and landscape industry representatives to highlight concerns about the drought for gardeners, landscaping and turf businesses.

The meeting came a day before hosepipe bans were introduced by seven water companies.

Mr Shuker said: "The hosepipe ban and water restrictions are further bad news for households worried about the weather. Lack of water could mean food prices go up, wildlife will suffer and, in the worst case, construction and energy industries affected. The Government needs to stop dragging its feet and legislate for the long-awaited reforms we need."

Director of Aylett Nurseries Adam Wigglesworth explained the impact on gardeners said: He said: "We are providing our customers with advice as to how they can garden in a water-efficient and environmentally friendly way."