Thursday, November 15

Brian Andrew Bishop, 46, of How Wood, Park Street. On November 3, 2012, drove in the North Orbital Road, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion in breath was 106 microgrammes in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes. Community order made with programme (drink impaired drivers) and supervision requirements. Costs: £147. Banned from driving for 49 months, to be reduced by 49 weeks if approved course undertaken.

Sean Francis Clarke, 18, of Down Edge, Redbourn. On November 4, 2012, damaged a pane of glass in entry door at the Snug bar, St Albans; on same date, assaulted a person by beating her. Fine, compensation, costs: £707.

Roy David Rose, 68, of Alexandra Road, St Albans. On August 16, 2012, drove on A41 while banned; also, on same date, drove without insurance. Community order made with unpaid work (80 hours) requirement. Costs: £202. Banned from driving for six months.

Ian Richard Goodchild, 45, of Richmond Walk, St Albans. On May 27, 2012, drove in St Albans Road West, Hatfield, at 46mph, the legal limit being 40mph. Fine, costs: £300. Three penalty points.

Brenda Lynne Le Sueur, 49, of Harpenden Rise, Harpenden. On September 2, 2012, drove in Green Lanes, Hatfield, without due care and attention. Fine, costs: £335. Four penalty points.