ANDY ASHTON runs the Ravens Den market stall at various farmers markets and shows around the uk including Hatfield Farmers Market where we caught up with him today Andy said " We've been making pies for 8 years from our kitchens in converted barns, on Manor Farm, Cranfield Road, Astwood, Buckinghamshire, our founder Enid used traditional recipes some dating back over a hundred years, from her great Grandmothers own recipes. We still follow these methods today.

Below is just a few of the quotes regarding Ravens Den pies We have just eaten 2 of your pies for a birthday lunch - Five bird and Chicken and Chorizo. They were both delicious! We bought them at the Bury Christmas Market and kept them frozen until yesterday.

They thawed out slowly and reheated perfectly.

Angela Renshaw Finally 'Proper Pies', packed with massive chunks of meat and tasty sauces and gravies. The dessert pies are absolutely gorgeous and we can't get enough of them.


The best pies that we have ever tasted, top quality cuts of meat covered in just the right amount of lovely sauce.

As can be seen from our pictures Andy has all but sold out yet again, and with 2 hours still to go