We're asking motorists to remember to remove all their possessions from their cars and vans after a number of thefts over the past two days.

Although vehicle crime is significantly reduced this year - in fact by 700 offences - cars are still being broken into, with Sat Navs being taken out of glove boxes, laptops stolen from under car seats, bags stolen from car boots, sunglasses, toys and mobile phones taken, as well as Catalytic Converters and number plates being stolen. In some cases the vehicles have even been left unlocked.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Humphries has some advice for us all: "It can be easy to forget to take everything with you when you leave your car, but the surest way to avoid having anything stolen is to remove it.. Most thieves are opportunistic and will take a chance that there is something worth breaking into a vehicle for - especially if there's a bag or coat left in view on the back seat - so save yourself time and expense of replacing items and car repairs by removing all valuables and keeping everything else out of sight.

"I'd also ask residents to report anything suspicious to police straight away via our non-emergency number 101. You know your local area, so if something seems out of the ordinary, please let us know."

Under Operation Scorpion, which has seen a large number of criminals arrested and charged for crimes like theft, enquiries into these incidents are on-going. Officers will also be out and about in the local community issuing crime prevention advice. Please visit the following link: Crime_prevention/vehicle_security

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