Meet Your Councillor sessions held locally on a Saturday morning from 10am to 10.45am.


Hatfield Central First Saturday of every Month Space, Queensway House, Hatfield Cllrs Maureen Cook (Lab), Colin Croft (Lab) and Bukky Olawoyin (Con)

Hatfield Villages Second Saturday of every Month Howe Dell Community Hall, The Runway, Hatfield Cllrs Lynne Sparks (Con), Clare Berry (Con) Howard Morgan (Con)

Hatfield East Second Saturday of every Month @ Essendon Village Hall Essendon And the fourth Saturday of every month @ Lord William Cecil Memorial Hall Hatfield Cllrs Tony Kingsbury (Con), Bernard Sarsons (Con) Mick Clarke (Con)

Hatfield South Third Saturday of every month Jim McDonald Centre Hatfield Cllrs Kieran Thorpe (Lab) Linda Mendez (Lab)

Hatfield West does not have a surgery why not contact your councillors and ask why they think this is acceptable?

Cllrs Kim Langley, Caron Juggins, Nick Atkinson

Same with Brookmans Park John Dean, Irene Dean, Stephen Boulton