YEAR 9 Project on Improving the Quality of Life in Hatfield.

Improving Hatfield Town Centre

In Geography group 9O, we had to think about ways of improving Hatfield.

In groups we had the task of planning a campaign for improving Hatfield’s quality of environment.

First of all we sent out a questionnaire to 30 people of different ages including questions such as:

‘Is the public transport good?’


‘Could we brighten up Hatfield?’

We used the information collected from the questionnaire to help us decide on how to improve the town centre. Each group made a map with annotations - explaining what improvements that could be made and how the improvements would benefit the people using Hatfield town centre. We included a design specification and a letter to our local MP Grant Shapps explaining what we would like and why Hatfield town centre needs improving.

Finally we had to do a presentation to the class using a poster to explain the changes we would like to make in Hatfield town centre.

Design Specification

In the new Hatfield Town Centre we would like to bring in lots of big brands into the area, improve the appearance of the town centre, add more flower beds and a fountain, have more police officers on the streets, clean up the graffiti and include many picnic areas. The town centre will be completely revamped with shops that look neat and tidy. We will clean up all the litter and introduce a lick of paint to all the shop fronts. The town centre will include shops such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencers, Topshop and Topman, Miss Selfridge, LUSH, Hollister, Jack Wills, Next, W H Smith and many restaurants and coffee shops. Having these new businesses will be a main selling point for the town. By doing these improvements, we are aiming for a wider range of people to come and visit as we have very varied shops.

By Rebekah Burton & Eleanor Rousell 9S/O