Batchwood Hall lost 88-61 to St Albans in their opening district league match of the season.

Top rink for Batchwood was Stan Endericks, Ken Bridger, Mac McGregor and Adrian Baddams (19-17).

Batchwood’s men had victories on three of the five rinks away to Hatfield. The overall score ending as draw with both teams scoring 101 shots each. Top rink for Batchwood was Terry Chandler, Noel Godman, Harry Pitchley and John Harvey (30-8).

In the preliminary round of the National Ladies Top Ten Club Competition the Batchwood pairs and fours won against St Albans Ladies. The side lost the singles and triples but won the match by one shot overall to go through to the first round against Oak Hill later in the month.

Batchwood's second home match resulted in a 53-42 defeat to Kings Langley. The top rink was Pat Chandler, Nora Endericks and Pam Ward (16-13).

Radlett were the latest visitors to Batchwood’s new green for a mixed four rink match and ended up winning on three of the four rinks. Playing on Batchwood’s only winning rink were Jack O’Brien, Dick Brewster, Sylvia Brewster and John Taylor (20-8).