St Albans Bowls Club earned a 114-79 victory at Potters Bar on Saturday.

The two ladies rinks won 42-31 as they contributed to an overall win with four men’s triples. The top rink was Paddy Boyle, Ken Huntly and Dave Church (20-7). To add insult to injury St Albans borrowed Huntly from Potters Bar to make up their team.

A mixed rink home match against Northaw & Cuffley on Sunday resulted in a 96-80 defeat. The top rink was Dave McManus, Linda Burfield, Sybil Steers and Ken Budd (23-12).

Pauline Gardiner and Tricia Gascoine played Marion Snell and Pat Stamp away at Rowley Lane in the national senior pairs competition and were beaten 19-18.