Tina Muir was recognised as an NCAA woman of the year finalist after enjoying a decorated distance career at Ferris State University where she was an All-American in 11 different seasons.

Muir's journey began in St Albans, England where she grew up until moving to the United States to attend college.

Her career at Ferris State produced a number of opportunities, including an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Women of the Year nomination and a trip to England’s Olympic trials, which she competed in over the summer.

Muir said: “I have so many happy memories from my time at Ferris State. I had such a wonderful support system that was there to get me through the bad times and be overjoyed for me during the good times.”

While her accomplishments and recognitions at Ferris State were significant, there was no honour more noteworthy than Muir’s nomination for NCAA Woman of the Year.

The NCAA boasts over 200,000 female student-athletes and received 429 nominations this year for its annual award which recognises athletic achievement along with academic prowess, community engagement, and leadership skills.

The 429 nominations were whittled down to 30 names, ten from each NCAA Division, who were invited to the prestigious awards banquet in Indianapolis.

Muir said: “I was over the moon to be one of the top 30 honourees for WOTY. It meant so much to me as it showed that I have more to offer the world than just my running ability.”

Muir thoroughly enjoyed her experience and made memories that will last a lifetime.

“The WOTY awards weekend was absolutely amazing,” Muir said. “I met so many wonderful, genuine women from all different sports and divisions who had achieved so much during their collegiate careers.

“My mother and aunt flew in to attend and my athletics director, associate athletics director and coach drove 11 hours to be at the event, which meant so much to me and really showed how proud they were of my achievements.”

Muir’s mother and aunt flew to Indianapolis from St Albans where she was born and raised until coming to Ferris State in 2008.

“Surprisingly, I actually didn't like running at first,” Muir said. “I remember hiding in the bathrooms one day before a ‘fun run’ my school was putting on. However, I realized I was pretty good at it when we had to do cross country in PE lessons and I ran for the school at local competitions.”

Muir could be found on countless mornings running the streets of St Albans. However, the budding distance superstar was more than willing to exchange her daily route for Big Rapids, Michigan, a town that nearly doubles its population when school is in session.

Muir still takes pride in her English heritage and competed in the Great Britain Olympic Trials where she was third in the 10k.

Muir said: “Competing at the Olympic Trials was one of the most surreal, yet incredible experiences I have ever had. To be invited and to race in such a prestigious event will always be remembered as one of my greatest achievements.”

Muir has now moved onto her next challenge which is coaching at La Salle University in Philadelphia. She has continued running alongside studying for a Master’s degree in business administration, but is also sharing her knowledge and experiences within cross country/track and field students at La Salle.