St Albans’ Diana Tribe and Eileen Englebright beat Joan Hair of Shire Park in the preliminary round of the district ladies Australian pairs competition.

The team were given a walkover in the second round against Townsend and will face Harperbury in the second round.

Pauline Gardiner and Tricia Gascoine beat Hatfield in the first round and will face Townsend next.

The club’s mid-week men played Harpenden in a five-rink triples match as they were beaten 87-74.

The top rink for St Albans was John Saguiez, Trevor Ewer and skip John Cooper (20-13).

St Albans lost 86-69 to Potten End in a four-rink mixed match.

The top rink for St Albans was Alison Thomas, Tony Morris and Jim McGregor (24-16).

The winning team at the mini gala was Eric Kingston, Maureen Rylands and Mike Jefferies.

The runners-up were Sandra Orchard, Keith Hamilton and Eileen Cox. The winner of the spider competition was Derrick Orchard.

St Albans ladies’ team of Gardiner, Englebright, Brenda Pitkin and Joyce Wilson defeated Hatfield 22-17 in the county league.