Townsend Bowls Club's Cavaliers went down to a 64-56 defeat at Berkhamsted.

The midweek players won on one rink, featuring Clyde Martindill, Wally Witham and skip Bob Padget, 15-12.

A second rink drew 12-12, despite having held the lead from the first end. David Carter, Alan Tucker and David Day were the unlucky trio.

Townsend played against the District Team of Fred Mulberry, its President, and managed to win on all four rinks by a score of 85-54.

The top rink was skipped by Gary West, and comprised Robbie Ransted, Laurie Rackham and Mike Doherty.

In the EBA two fours, Townsend visited local rivals Harpenden and, although winning on one rink, were unsuccessful on the other, which allowed the hosts to progress. The visitors' winning rink was skipped by Danny Macro, comprised Peter Thomson, Gary West and John Godman and won by 19-17.

Townsend hosted their first ever "pubs and clubs challenge" on Sunday.

The ultimate winners were the "Banana Splits" from the Horns Pub in Watford, whose team name comes from their favourite form of fancy dress. In a very close final they defeated Mike Walker's Tennis and Bridge team 21-16.

Organiser Jane Dixon was delighted with the response and the efforts of local bowlers and looked forward to this becoming an annual fixture in the Townsend bowls calendar.

The idea to arrange this competition came from the first hand experience which Dixon had of a similar tournament when on holiday in the West Country.

Dixon said: "We intend to make this even bigger and better next year and challenge all pubs and clubs in St Albans and surrounding areas to contact us and submit a team."

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