Townsend Bowls Club won the Tripartite Trophy for the third year in a row.

For the last 15 years Townsend have competed in a triangular tournament against Mill Hill and Cockfosters; two other clubs that were also founded in 1919.

The match was held at Cockfosters and Townsend started strongly, particularly in the two rinks that were up against Mill Hill, with Roger Potter’s team scoring eight on the sixth end.

The Townsend rinks edged ahead and built on their lead right through to the final ends. The result was a win for Townsend with 102 shots. Cockfosters ended with 75 and Mill Hill on 40.

The rink scores for the winners were Robbie Ransted, Tony Izzard and Laurie Rackham who won by 23-6; Fred Mulberry, David Day and Mike Cowell by 24-14 both against Cockfosters; Richard Morgan, Peter Thomson and Dave Houghton by 23-11; and the top rink of Bob Padget, Gordon Williamson and Roger Potter who triumphed 32-10 against Mill Hill.

Townsend edged to a 77-60 midweek friendly win at Hemel.

The winning rinks for the visitors were those of Ian Forster, John Oakey, Tony Izzard and Chas Prior who won by 19-13.

The top rink of Morgan, Alan Tucker, Les Perkins and Peter Thomson won convincingly by 25-6.

The three fours were held at Townsend with Hatfield the visitors.

Hatfield edged to a one-shot win despite Townsend’s winning rinks for Andy Bates, David Day, Peter Armstrong and John Godman (20-14) and Peter Thomson, Roger Potter, Jason Hall and Gary West (22-19).