St Albans Centurions take on the British Army Rugby League Team in a charity match for Troop Aid this evening (6.30pm) at Toulmin Drive.

Cents Chairman Brian Parker said: “It’s going to be another great game. The Mayor of St Albans, Annie Brewster, enjoyed last year’s event so much that she intends to attend this match as well. Entrance to the game is free, but at half-time we will pass along the crowd with collection buckets.

“We hope that people will come along and support their local rugby league club and the British Army. Of course, there will be food and drink available afterwards at our clubhouse at High Oaks.”

Troop Aid was founded in November 2006 by three ex-servicemen as a result of a visit to Selly Oak Hospital’s Alexandra Wing in Birmingham.

This is the home of the Defence Medical Welfare Services, who are responsible for the welfare of all armed forces personnel, male and female, who have been injured during the conflict in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

They found that when injured troops return to the United Kingdom from the war zones they arrive back without their personal effects, kit or clothing, just what they are wearing.

The objective of Troop Aid is to support them for their first few days of recouperation by providing the basic essentials that they need upon arrival at hospital.