Batchwood Hall lost 26-18 to Hatfield in the second round of the County Fours competition.

Teresa Wood, Nora Endericks, Liz Schlatter and Pat Savage were beaten by the Hatfield team skipped by Mitch Van Put.

Adrian Baddams beat Ken Albrecht 21-19 in the district singles.

The Batchwood four of Christine Vickers, Kate Horner, Sylvia Brewster and Pat Savage lost 26-18 Harpenden in the county league.

Townsend hosted a five rink match against Batchwood and after a promising start for Batchwood the match ended with Townsend winning on three rinks the other two being draws.

Batchwood captain John Harvey was extremely grateful for Bill Bennett, called into to play at the last minute, only five weeks after having a replacement knee operation.

Potten End comfortably won the men’s fixture against Batchwood by 29 shots. Batchwood won two rinks with Barry Rees, Chris Whiting, Les Kirk and Don Gould being top rink (22-19).

Batchwood lost to Harpenden by ten shots with both sides winning on two rinks each. Top rink for Batchwood, who won the last end by seven shots, were Stan Endericks, David Waters, Mac McGregor and John Taylor (22-17).

Batchwood lost their mixed match against Hatfield 122-76.

The ladies won 50-45 at home to Potten End with their top rink featuring Gabrielle Dee, Teresa Wood and Barbara Palmer (16-10).

Batchwood ladies lost 45-21 to Garston. The top triple for Batchwood was Brenda Aris, Tricia Brady and Liz Schlatter as they lost 17-14.