Batchwood Hall Ladies lost in the district knockout fours to Rowley Lane 8-7 and overall to Townsend ladies in the triples league.

In the district triples competition, Teresa Wood, Nora Endericks and skip Pat Savage won against Townsend’s Janet Metcalfe, Rena Williamson and Jane Dixon 20-8.

A friendly match against Cassiobury resulted in a draw.

The top rink was Gabrielle Dee, Brenda Aris and skip Liz Schlatter.

Batchwood lost their district league match against Potters Bar 65-15.

Their top rink featured Roy Flack, Bob Aris, Harry Pitchley and John Harvey (23-22).

Hatfield hosted the Bob Vise knockout match against Batchwood.

Although Batchwood won the pairs and triples they lost the singles and fours for an overall 83-69 defeat.

Batchwood edged to an 80-79 mixed win at Potten End.

The top rink featured Gordon Turner, Wendy Rowell, Christine Vickers, and Eddie Jacobs (19-9).