Batchwood Hall’s Liz Schlatter claimed a 21-12 win over Harpenden’s Dean Roberts in the second round of the district ladies singles.

In the ladies district triple league between Batchwood and St Albans, Batchwood lost the away fixture but won by a large enough margin in their home match to win it overall.

Batchwood’s duo of Nora Endericks and Pat Savage defeated Lesley Tutt and Avery Hills of Harpenden in the first round of the district pairs.

This was a very close contest with Batchwood winning 20-19 on shots with an extra end having to be played.

Herts BC hosted a five rink mixed triples match against Batchwood with the home side winning overall by 12 shots.

Batchwood’s top rink was Judi Simons, Colin Watts and Stan Endericks.