Batchwood Hall lost on all four rinks in their district league matches at Hemel Hempstead and Townsend.

The team managed to win on one of the four rinks in the league match at Welwyn Garden City.

The rink of Daren Gilbert, Dennis Garrick, David Waters and Don Gould held on to win as the home rink started to reduce their deficit towards the end of the match (24-21). Batchwood lost 97-52 overall.

In the home league match against Hatfield, Batchwood won on three of the four rinks for an overall 92-76 victory. The top group was Gordon Turner, Martin Myland, Mac McGregor and Eddie Jacobs (31-14).

The Batchwood match at Harpenden finished with a narrow four-shot victory for Batchwood due to the top rink of Jim Head, Rick Schlatter, Harry Pitchley and John Harvey winning 28-10.

The ladies lost on both triple rinks to Welwyn and District in a rain reduced match (11-27). The next game against Shire Park resulted in a win on both rinks and six points to Batchwood (36-23).

Shire Park were the latest visitors to Batchwood in a mixed match and finished with an overall margin of 12 shots to claim victory. Batchwood’s top rink was Wendy Rowell, Nora Endericks, Stan Endericks and skip Barbara Palmer.