Wanted, Missing Walking Aids, Dead or Alive !

Most British households have a pair of crutches lurking under the stairs or in a broom cupboard somewhere. Unfortunately we’re an accident prone lot and a large number of us have spent time hobbling around with NHS provided walking aids at some point or another. The problem is, that once we’ve recovered from our broken leg, twisted ankle or torn ligaments, the crutches and Zimmer frames we so badly needed are used to hang washing on or chucked into a dark corner and forgotten about.

West Herts Hospital Trust spends thousands of pounds each year supplying the walking wounded with assorted hobbling aids and we’re happy to do it, but in this difficult financial climate, it’s important that we try to save money wherever possible. Don’t worry if you need crutches, of course, the hospital will supply them, but once you’ve recovered, spare a thought for that poor scrawny lad sprinting down the wing or that lady rushing round town in six inch heels that are just moments away from needing your unwanted crutches.

West Herts Trust is implementing a new “Walking Aid Amnesty” which will enable you to return all those crutches you have propping open creaky doors or providing structural support for tree houses. It doesn’t seem like much but with your help the hospital could save a significant amount of money that would be put to improving patient care.

So have a think back to the time you thought it was a great idea to try roller-skating on an icy day and have a quick rummage around the house. If you find anything from the hospital that might help someone walk please return them - it might have been from any of our hospitals, maybe from A&E, the Urgent Care Centre, Minor Injuries Unit or from one of the hospital wards or the physiotherapy department. Wherever it was, we’d be delighted to take them off your hands.

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