Co-parenting / donor match safely

1 Decide what you want from the donor.  Do you want to co-parent with them or, do you just want a known donor.

2 Use a reputable matching site / clinic such as the /

3 Get legal advice on parenthood.  You need to be 100% certain that you will be the child’s legal parents after using a donor.

4 Match safely – do not agree to personal meetings without doing full research.  Meet in a public place and always take someone / tell someone about the when and where.

5 When you have taken the time to decide that it is a match (do take your time), get a co-parenting agreement / donor agreement drafted so that you all know where you stand legally.

6 Agree on who will be the legal parents, what role each of you will play in the child’s life, financial contributions, where the child will live, how much the child will see each parent and what the procedure should be if things go wrong.

7 Decide who will pay for any treatment or sexual health tests. Do not pay the donor. 

8 Make sure that the sexual health tests are done at a reputable clinic and are up to date.

9 Remember the insemination must be artificial!
If you want to talk, contact me @harjitsarang or e-mail me /

I’m filming for Channel 4 in the UK.  If you want to share your ‘matching’ story in person or, on skype – contact me. 

Good luck!

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