Well this belly ache has come back with a vengeance. I woke up this morning and thought that it had improved massively but that didn't last much past lunch time and at the time of writing this it is back to being pretty uncomfortable. Who said being a bowel transplant patient was easy?

Despite the usual ups and downs I have taken a long hard look at how much I have progressed over the last four months. If I think back to where I was last summer and compare that to now then I really begin to realise how positive the future will be. Trouble is that when you are in pain and discomfort then it isn't always easy to keep focused on the big picture. Stoma output today went up again. I'm not actually sure why as I haven't changed my regime at all today so I will just put it down to one of those blips. I am very conscious of not being a nuisance patient and by now you would think that I would be used to the ups and downs. So much of it though is the unknown. Living for 30 years with Crohn's I pretty much knew everything that was happening to me, I knew what the different aches and pains were and when something was serious and something was just a minor blip. At the moment I guess that I am still in the getting to know you phase with my new transplanted bowel. With time hopefully I will be able to wheedle out the minor problems from the more serious ones but it is still early days and therefore I think I probably worry more than I need to. It is probably the same for Justine and often we ask each other what we both think may have caused this or that and then stare blankly at each other when we don't know the answer.

So another day is nearly over. Not been that good today but still it's a day closer to full recovery so I had better stop moaning.

To make you laugh I will put up another photo. This one is of me being told to get up and move in intensive care. Enjoy!!

Till tomorrow x

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