Went back on my old feed today just to ensure that the problems were nothing to do with the antibiotics at all. Judging by my output today I think it is fair to say that the feed alone doesn't seem to be a disaster and the antibiotics also seem ok so tomorrow it is back on the new feed and back on the anti sickness patches as well.and let's see what happens. There is no doubt that the new antibiotics have caused a change in timings of the output as well as a few other differences but we won't go there. At the moment I seem to have a few difficulties within the first couple of hours of the feed starting but then it is at least a further six hours before the real output starts.

Perhaps the biggest aggravation of the new feed is the constant stomach ache and also bloating issues. I probably sound like a broken record going on about it over the last few days but the reality is that the discomfort hasn't gone away. I have kind of got used to it and taking more pain relief and I guess that I am hoping that it will settle over the coming week or so. I will go back to Oxford in a week's time so hopefully by then all my experimenting will be over and life will be a bit more settled. On the positive side I am definitely eating a little more. Can't say I feel hungry but thanks to my wife's perseverance in ensuring I eat what she puts in front of me I am doing better. Mint Vienetta is definitely a favourite. Wonder if I could get them to sponsor my bowel transplant recovery? Maybe not.

Right time to go. Got to watch a recording of Hustle with the kids. I will up date you tomorrow once the new feed and new patches have done their stuff - whatever that might be.

Thought I would end with a laugh at myself. For those of you who have been a bit put off by some of my pictures have a look at this one. You may have read about my high temperatures due to infections so this was how I cooled myself down. They are filled with ice, honest!!

Till tomorrow x

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