I don't know about you but when people say how exciting and unpredictable football is I often agree. For example, Arsenal's 4-4 draws with Spurs and Liverpool or Aston Villa's last gasp 4-3 win over Everton at Goodison earlier this season. However, when it comes to silverware the surprises seem to disintegrate. We have 3rd place playing 5th place in the FA Cup final, Man United have already won the Carling Cup, the Premiership and the World Club Cup or whatever it's called, as well as two giants in again Man United and Barcelona in the Champion's League final.

This kind of dominance amongst the footballing elite may seem obvious and has happened in prior generations (Liverpool being the main example), but me amongst many others are getting pretty bored of it. I mean, since the Premier League's creation there have only been 4 winners of the trophy in 17 seasons! One wonders, when will Sir Alex Ferguson retire! I suppose this grievance is pretty irrelevant amongst the powerful football aristocracy of "the big four" (ironically not all 4 have actually won the title).

What I would love to see is somebody like Fulham, Wigan or even Everton and Aston Villa contest for the title next year, but obviously this is a very farfetched view of how next year could be more entertaining. Personally I'm hoping United don't make a new Premier League record with four consecutive titles in a row...here's for hoping eh?