Statistics aside, my experience is that divorce season normally runs from about November to April. However, there seems to be no sign of a slowdown at BEST.

Most enquiries in January are relating to relationship breakdown. We want to get rid of the old and try something new. Advice is sought and then by about March / April we feel that things aren’t so bad.

Sadly, I have seen an increase in civil partnership breakdowns and matrimonial disharmony due to ‘facebook’ finds. Reconnecting with an old school sweetheart is not always a great idea.

The good news is that I have also seen a marked increase in enquiries regarding surrogacy law in the UK and international surrogacy. I say good news because couples who go through the fertility journey will know what an absolute emotional roller coaster it is. From the testing to see why you cannot conceive to the decision whether to embark upon assisted conception. Which clinic to use, success rates and funding the treatment.

When you eventually start the journey it’s yet another rollercoaster of emotions. If the IVF fails, do you go for another attempt? Can you afford to? Would you go abroad?

Surrogacy has provided many a couple with an opportunity to become parents. The law relating to surrogacy is complicated and it is always advisable to get legal advice to ensure that when the child is born, you can become the child’s legal parents. This is by far the most rewarding aspect of my job.

Best regards

Harjit Sarang

Partner, Head of Family Law


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