Marisa Laycock

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Lockdown Diary: A walk in Verulamium Park

A low and distant winter sun casts a bleak February light over a vast and spacious landscape. Verulamium park is blissfully quiet this morning and life seems to be on pause. We enjoy the space and relative emptiness before the finer weather when it will fill with people again.

Lockdown Diary: Slowing down - and giving up on shopping?

This lockdown doesn’t feel anything like the last two. There are no long springtime walks amidst brightly coloured tulips. The neighbourhood streets are frosty and deserted. There are no wide-open back doors, no pottering about in our gardens, no sunlight pouring through my study window and by 4.30pm I am already drawing the curtains, having a cup of tea and watching the news.

Lockdown Diary: Looking back on a topsy turvy 2020

Mr Topsy-Turvy would have felt right at home during 2020! It has been an utterly surreal and baffling leap year when many things were turned on their heads like a president who couldn’t accept that his time in office was up, and a chief political advisor who drove his family from County Durham to Barnard Castle during lockdown just ‘to test his eyesight!’