Visually striking, the new Citroën C4 Cactus is a real alternative to the traditional compact hatchback, with a fresh and distinctive approach Combining the best of a crossover and hatchback, the C4 Cactus pioneers the concept of the Crosshatch. It is designed to appeal with an expressive design and pleasurable driving characteristics. It will also make sense as the smart choice, thanks to the lower cost of ownership, useable technologies, space and practicality.

Design and build
Externally, the Citroën C4 Cactus features pure, smooth surfaces with flowing lines – stand-out features include the floating roof and Citroën’s unique Airbump® technology. Fitted to the front and rear doors, the tough air-filled capsules protect against minor bumps and scrapes. Airbump® panels require no specific maintenance and reduce the stress and expense associated with car park dings and dents – cutting service and repair costs over the lifetime of the car.

The uniquely shaped large panoramic sunroof features a state-of-the-art coating, equivalent to category-4 sunglasses, to filter UV light and reflect heat. Eliminating the need for an additional sunblind, the design maintains headroom, fills the cabin with diffused light and saves weight (6kg).

Driving experience
The proportions of the Citroën C4 Cactus are optimised for style, space and driving comfort with the de-cluttered cabin creating even more room for occupants.

On ETG (Efficient Tronic Gearbox) versions, the gear selector is replaced by the neat Easy Push system with Drive, Neutral and Reverse push-button controls, which makes room for a bench-style front seat layout.

Located on the passenger side of the dashboard, Top-Box is a large and easily accessible storage compartment made possible by new and exclusive Airbag in Roof technology. The large airbag deploys from the roof and inflates correctly regardless of the passenger’s position.

For a more relaxed drive, a range of innovative aids are also available, including Park Assist, Hill Start Assist and a reversing camera. Static cornering lights provide an additional beam of light to the inside of bends, improving visibility and safety at corners and junctions. For your safety, there is also a programmable speed limiter/cruise control, with up to six personalised settings and the Citroën eTouch, the brand’s emergency and assistance call system.

The Citroën C4 Cactus makes extensive use of the latest weight-saving materials to improve efficiency, without compromising driveability. Combined with ultra-low rolling resistance tyres, the latest-generation PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines offer a responsive drive while delivering impressive combined fuel economy figures.

Overall, the C4 Cactus combines performance, comfort and driveability in a lightweight, easy-to-drive car. Priced from £12,990 to £18,190.

Citroen Hatfield, 1 Great North Road, Hatfield, AL9 5JA.

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