A new high-energy production is bursting onto the stage this September.

The amateur premiere of Seventeen by Matthew Whittet will take place at the Pump House Theatre in Watford from Monday, September 16, to Saturday, September 21.

The adult cast of Seventeen have spent their summer running about, climbing, dancing and generally working up a sweat during rehearsals. Such are the demands of Matthew Whittet’s quirky fun look at a gang of teenagers celebrating the last day of school.

The setting is a playground (complete with full-sized climbing frame and swings), and as the evening progresses we get to know the characters, their hopes, dreams and struggles.

Abbe Waghorn, director, said: “The play captures this pivotal moment in their young confusing teenage lives, and the original twist of having adult actors playing a version of their younger selves not only provides a lot of fun and laughter but also highlights the sadness and anger of endings. It also reminds us that insecurities, buried emotions, sexuality and gender issues can resonate with us whatever our age. This production has a free-wheeling exuberance but what I love is that there is also a heart beating loudly at its centre.”

Pump House Theatre, 5 Local Board Road, Watford, Monday, September 16, to Saturday, September 21, 8pm. Details: pumphousetheatrecompany.com