THE Skoda Octavia has taken top honours at the 2017 Green Apple Awards, presented at the House of Commons and singling out cars that are both good to drive and economical in the real world.

The awards are organised by the Midlands-based The Green Organisation and judged by members of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers.

After clinching the category for larger family cars, the Octavia went on to take the Green Apple champion title.

One of the judges said of the Octavia: "Fantastic value for money with a car that offers unprecedented cabin space in this league. Well finished, well appointed and some exceptionally economical engines that deliver on all fronts."

MGMW Green Apple Awards in full:


The supermini champion for 2017 is the Suzuki Celerio Dualjet. It's two in a row for this car.

One judge said: "I think small cars with small but sprightly and highly- efficient petrol engines are helping to transform the automotive industry and Suzuki’s latest offering in the shape of the Celerio is one of the best."


Second place went to another Suzuki, this time the new Swift hatchback but the winner for 2017 is the SEAT Ibiza, specifically in 1.0 EcoTEC form.

One of the judges put the SEAT in first place because it "combines a lively little petrol engine with economy figures that wouldn't be out of place for a small diesel."


Our overall Green Apple champion from Skoda took this category, with one judge commenting: "The Octavia is big and capable enough for any family duties and with a range of highly efficient petrol engines - and very capable diesels too - is a shining example of value and economy."

Second spot was taken by the BMW 320d.

SMALLER SUVs and 4x4s

A whole year has not been able to shake the judges from their 2016 decision - and the decision they made in 2015 either.

That means the Dacia Duster takes this category for the third year in a row. And no wonder, with one judge commenting: "The Dacia Duster continues to be extraordinarily good value for money and with proven Renault technology and powertrains underneath doesn’t cut corners when it comes to performance and efficiency either."

In a worthy second place is the Mazda CX-3. One of our judges said: "Mazda shows that the trend for downsizing isn’t necessarily the best solution, with its larger 2.0-litre petrol unit proving that an unstrained, relaxed engine can sip at fuel more parsimoniously than a buzzing three-cylinder unit."


The winner this year is the Renault Zoe, the French car maker's entry into affordable purely electric family transport. The Zoe makes such a convincing case for itself that it won last year too.

As our judge put it: “I’ve chosen it because it has charm, an excellent interior and its new extended range of 180-miles plus makes in an option for a wider group of motorists."


In second place is the impressive new BMW 520d but it has to give way to this year's winner, in the handsome shape of the Jaguar XF in 2.0 litre diesel form.

A Midland Group judge reckoned: "It's the genuine Jaguar experience on a budget: a big luxury car with almost surprising pace and economy from the four cylinder engine."