As children we squirmed with delight when Mrs Twit served up worms to her hideous husband in Roald Dahl’s book The Twits. But that was fiction.

The author will be rolling in his grave with glee when he hears the dastardly real-life confession of a mum who got fed up of the family’s pet bunny so cooked it and served it to her children.

I can hear the gasps of shock dear reader but that is just the tip of the iceberg of confessionals that St Albans comedian Vicky Arlidge has hit upon as she prepares for her Edinburgh Festival show Guilty Secrets.

“She was French, which explains a lot,” says the stand-up of the rabbit revelation.

The mum-of-two has already gathered more than 30 anonymous secrets from her show at the Maltings Arts Theatre last month but she is now hunting for more.

So do your worst St Albans, challenges Vicky, who has let slip some more of her favourite stories of bad behaviour.

One confessor wrote to her saying ‘When my mum-in-law locked herself in the loo after being told REPEATEDLY that the lock was dodgy… I went and made a cup of tea and pretended to find a screwdriver… I left her in there for 15 mins.’ Vicky says: “The audiences seem more than happy to get things off their chest, perhaps it’s therapeutic.

“One person revealed two secrets. The first was trying to buy hash in Amsterdam with a credit card, the second was smuggling blue sapphires through customs taped to his inner thigh. I later found out that he is now a governor at a local school. A little worrying!”

The confessions will be part of her performances at the world famous festival in Scotland from August 10 to 25 and she is offering free tickets to people whose guilty secrets she reads out.

“I’m pretty sure the ones I have so far are true,“ says Vicky. “They are just too bizarre not to be.

“I was quite shocked by some of them.”

Vicky, who performs with a ukulele and piano and has been compared to Victoria Wood, is heading up to the Highlands after performing at Glastonbury Festival this summer.

“I had never been to Glastonbury before,” she says, “so went for the first time as a 43-year-old mother of two. I was up against Dolly Parton on the Sunday but still managed to attract a small audience. They were very quiet, I think most of them were asleep to be honest.”

Hopefully the audience in Scotland will be wide awake to hear several new songs she has penned for the occasion including a ‘middle-aged version of One Direction’s All the Little Things, which includes the line ‘your boobs are heading south’.

She has also roped in her family to help integrate animations into her performances, with husband Nick lending his voice, daughter Zoe having her family drawing brought to life on screen and son Oli complaining about his cartoon self appearing on the toilet for her infamous Mum Can You Wipe My Bum song which has helped Vicky garner more than 35,000 YouTube hits.

The television composer says: “The family is getting more involved. My husband initially thought ‘What are you doing with this crazy new career that’s taking you away from the family late at night?’ but now it makes more sense to him.

“Going up to Edinburgh is a big deal for the family though as I’m going away for two-and-a-half weeks. That’s one of the reasons it’s hard for women comedians – it’s hard to match the lifestyle with family life.”

But it seems Vicky is definity on a path to success as on Thursday she will be competing in the semi-final of the Golden Jester Comedy Competition at St James’ Theatre in London. And she has also been nominated again for the Funny Women Awards.

“I’m hoping to keep progressing and that something will come of it,“ she says.

“It’s nice to have a following in St Albans but I’d really like to get on radio or television and get my name out there.”

Tweet your secrets to @VickyArlidge using #guiltysecrets or contact her through website