He was last in town with his show The Lie-In King, about, basically, being a big slob, but now he’s turned 28 things have changed – he’s moved in with his girlfriend, for one – but does his new show, 28, reflect a more mature Seann Walsh? Rosy Moorhead finds out.

Best heckle of the tour so far?

Well when I was younger, I supported my friend Stephen K Amos. I was having a difficult one in York. A baby started crying and I asked the mum why she brought it to the gig. A bloke shouted “Maybe she was having trouble getting it to sleep so she brought it out see you”.

So what’s it like being 28?

I’m more tired than I was when I was 27. It just carries on like this doesn’t it?

You’re living with your girlfriend now – how does she feel about being the material for your new show?

She wants 15 per cent of my earnings.

What does she think of the show?

She saw me up in Edinburgh twice. I think that’s enough. She prefers mixed bills so she gets to see someone else.

And is she managing to sort you out?

When she’s in. As soon as she leaves the flat, I revert back into being a smelly hamster.

Have you lived with anyone before?

I lived with my mate. Very, VERY different. Waking up to a lot more take-away bags in the kitchen.

How are you adjusting?

Well, I now like cooking programmes.

What advice would you have for any young couple looking to move in together?


And relationship advice – top tips for not driving each other mad when you do live together?

For guys, play FIFA when she’s gone to bed.

What’s coming up for you after this tour finishes at Christmas?


  • Seann Walsh – 28 is at the Radlett Centre, Aldenham Avenue, Radlett on Thursday, November 6, at 8pm. Details: 01923 859291, radlettcentre.co.uk