Once upon a time comedian Chris Ramsey was relaxing at home in South Shields with a lovely cup of tea when the doorbell rang.

But then the 29-year-old answered it, no one was there.

"For the first time ever someone had knocked on my door and ran away and I was like 'oh s***t I’m the adult, not the kid anymore’ and that started everything, " says Chris on what inspired his new stand-up show All Growed Up.

"But also, that’s an extremely immature way to view being an adult and that really does sum up the show."

Chris, who faced a milestone last year when he got married, will be bring his show to Tring, Chelmsford and High Wycombe this month as part of a gigantic 88-date tour, contemplating what makes you into grown up.

"It’s nothing to do with age, I have spoken to 16-year-old lads in the front row at Edinburgh who think they are grown up and 60-year-old blokes who say they are not."

But first he is sat in Wickes carpark, talking to me, and waiting to go in and buy some feet for his radiator.

It is the second house he has owned but before you get jealous the northerner says it cost 'the same as a night out in St Albans'.

The fact he is doing it up himself is another very personal milestone for Chris, who followed best mate Chris Hutchinson (now his tour support act) into stand-up at University and was instantly bitten by the bug, dropping out of his media and film degree halfway through his final year to pursue it full time: “I had just started my dissertation and thought ’I don’t need this s**t, I’m getting paid £40 a night in Grimsby’."

The born joker would never have dreamed off getting his hands dirty with DIY before he appearing in Channel 4 series Timecrashers which challenged celebrities to experience life in six different time periods.

"It sort of changed us as a person and helped us get over a lot of cleanliness foibles."

Before he would never have left the house without showering and making sure a hand sanitiser was in his pocket but in the final episode he went to sleep with deer blood on his hands.

“It manned us up," says Chris in his thick Geordie accent, "and helped us become an adult, I don’t know if I’m a full adult yet- you’ll have to come and see the show to find out!

The purest best moment in comedy is not the laughs, they are great, but when you are really on stage weaving a story, the real measure of whether the crowd is in to you is the moments of silence before the punchline, because that means they can’t wait to hear what you say next.

But he does give away some more of his personal watershed moments such as learning to put up a shelf and being able to buy whatever you want.

"That is quite a good advantage of growing up. You no longer have to put stuff on birthday and Christmas lists. "But on the flipside presents you get from other people later in life tend to be unnecessary and, let’s face it, massively s**t.”

Generally full of down-to-earth northern charm he does let slip hints of self-importance on two occasions exclaiming “haven’t you heard of my Soccer AM moment?” when I ask if he’s ever embarrassed himself on television and telling me I ‘haven’t done my research’ when I ask the details of the time he got a pizza delivered to a train.

Chris hit the headlines in November 20122 after becoming the first ever guest to be kicked off Soccer AM after using the word ‘b**ming’ twice.

“I’m still not allowed back on but, silver lining, I had three tours off the back of that so it paid for the new kitchen in my house. I definitely learnt my lesson from it as well.”

He set the media and Twitter abuzz again in May 2014 when he successfully completed a self-imposed task and got Dominos to deliver pizza to him at Doncaster station as his train paused there on its way from Kings Cross to Newcastle.

"I have never bettered it. It is one of my proudest moments."

It is neck and neck with the fact this tour will be recorded for his fist ever DVD and Chris says: "I’m really looking forward to walking into a 24 hour supermarket and seeing it on the shelf. The idea that people are opening presents at Christmas and someone will have bought my DVD to make then happy is mindboggling, I can’t about it too long or my head will explode."

Details: chrisramseycomedy.com