A lot of people shy away from making their own bread, it can be a messy affair and take more time than it's really worth.

The Italian bread focaccia is a flat oven baked bread similar to pizza dough. It's great because you can add whatever flavours you want, chuck some olives or sun dried tomatoes in maybe!?

This recipe can start you off on a bread making adventure!

Ingredients: 500g Manitoba flour

425ml warm water

12g salt

12g fresh yeast

15g Rosemary/thyme

3 cloves of garlic

200ml extra virgin olive oil

Method: Clear a surface and pour out the flour, make a well in the middle, so it looks like a volcano Whisk the yeast into your warm water, the water works best at about 40 degrees Celsius Season the flour with salt.

Pour a little water into the 'volcano'.

Next is the messy part... Push the sides of the well into the water, then you need to keep mixing with your hands making sure it all mixes in.

When you have a dough like mixture you need to start kneading it, really pushing in with the palm of your hands.

Slowly adding the rest of the water When the water is all in add a splash of olive oil and keep kneading.

When you have a smooth little 'dough baby' place it on a tray on some grease proof paper, and drizzle some oil over it.

Leave it in a warm area to proof, it should start to rise A good place is next to a warm oven.

When it has risen, pour more olive oil over it and press the bread down to flatten in, without knocking the air out.

Sprinkle over your chopped herbs and garlic, along with a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of more olive oil.

Leave to proof again for about 15 minutes Place in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees for approx 15 minutes or until it is a lovely golden brown Remove from the oven, leave out to cool and enjoy.

Then you should think about cleaning the mess you have probably left.

Main course:

Duck Breast

Duck is such an amazing meat, so very succulent, even when cooked well done it still retains a lot of juices.

I love it and I reckon a lot of other people do by the fact it's becoming more popular on restaurant menus.

This simple recipe is quick, seasonal and extremely tasty so have a go,

Recipe serves 2 people

Preparation time 25 minutes


2 Gressingham duck breasts

100g fine green beans

4 garlic cloves

200ml olive oil

2 lemons

Method: First off trim your beans if they aren't already.

Throw them into boiling seasoned water for about 90 seconds.

Place a frying pan on stove but don't add any oil, the ducks skin is so fatty you don't need any.

Place the duck breast skin side down into the cold pan, then turn on the heat, this way you can get a lovely crispy skin.

As this starts to cook get another pan on with a splash of oil.

Chuck in your fine green beans with lots of sliced garlic Sauté the beans, then toss them with some oil and lemon juice at the end, take off the heat.

When your duck has a lovely crispy skin turn it over and cook for a few minutes more.

You can eat duck like a steak, I like mine medium but cook yours to however you like it.

Throw your garlicky green beans onto a plate, slice the duck breast then place it over the beans Grate the zest of a lemon over the top.

Enjoy it!

A super simple delicious summer meal.