You can pick up a single ticket to see Michael Buble perform at the O2 arena in May on the internet for about £150.

For a fraction of that price you and a guest could have heard something very similar to the real thing and enjoyed a top notch Indian meal at the same time in Bushey.

It was my good fortune to venture into the recently refurbished Red Ginger in Kemp Place, the same night as the restaurant premiered its first Buble tribute act to a packed and appreciative audience.

OK the singer didn’t actually look like the Canadian crooner, but close your eyes and just listen while crunching your way through the pre-meal papadoms and chutney and well… he just could be.

While the Buble act bubbled up front, service inside this expansive restaurant was tuned to perfection. Red Ginger is run by Adil, a bored IT consultant until he woke up and smelled the spices and decided to follow his heart and his nose into the catering business.

His first restaurant was opened in Oxford and Red Ginger is his second enterprise; it is quickly turning into his flagship. God bless her and all who dine in her.

Red Ginger has an open plan dining area able to easily accommodate 100 covers but, with the use of sensitive lighting, it retains a surprisingly intimate atmosphere.

The menu is extensive and alluring and quite a job to read as you tuck into a selection of tasty appetisers including bhajis, samosas and tasty tikka dishes.

I have never eaten duck in and Indian restaurant before but I was delighted to have chosen it for one of my main courses on this occasion. The Haash Butta recommended by Adil comprised butter-soft strips of duck in rich ginger flavoured gravy with cinnamon and garam masala. Eat you heart out Atul Kochhar!

We also tried the chicken Silsila, a mild, creamy dish which was equally satisfying and made for a very nice contrast and proved beyond doubt you don’t have to endure tongue-numbing chilli heat to have a good Indian meal. Both were served with plenty of pilau rice and warm garlic naan.

All in all Red Ginger served up a top night of Indian food and great entertainment. I’m sure I’ll be back.

But if Buble isn’t quite your dish of the day why not enyoy a curry with the King? Red Ginger will host an Elvis Presley tribute night on Sunday, April 25. You should book to avoid disappointment. The entertainment on offer may result in a little less conversation over dinner but at the end of the night I am sure you will agree with me that you just can’t help falling in love with the place.

Red Ginger is open seven days a week, including bank holidays, and offers free local home delivery. To book call 0208 421 8281 or 0208 421 8257.