An intriguing art installation has been slowly growing at the Museum of St Albans, while objects from the museum's collection have been disappearing objects one by one.

The installation, titled Abundance, is by artist Lyndall Phelps and uses existing displays at the Museum to create an evolving sculpture.

The residency marks the museum's move to its new home in the redeveloped St Albans Town Hall in late 2017.

Lyndall has been working alongside staff and volunteers this summer as they pack and document the collection at the Museum in preparation for the transition to the new site.

"The chance to work in an empty museum, where only the display mechanisms remain, is a unique opportunity for an artist," says Lyndall.

"It allows me to develop ideas that I have tested on a smaller scale in other museums and historic sites."

Week by week display areas will be painted out, museum objects removed and new elements introduced, culminating in a celebratory event on Sunday, September 20 - the final date that the Museum of St Albans will be open to the public.

Lyndall works with a range of media including sculpture, photography and video.

History, the military, decorative arts and the natural world are recurring themes in her work and this curiosity and fascination with many disparate things echoes the Museum's varied collections.

Museum of St Albans, Hatfield Road, St Albans, until September 20. Details:,