Forget the likes of The Killing and The Bridge – there’s a new Scandi crime thriller in town. This time it’s set in a small community in Sweden’s ancient forests. Think that sounds eerie? Check out this teaser trailer…

Yep, beyond the atmosphere of impending Nordic doom we got nothing from that. And the plot of the thing may sound familiar to any Scandi TV fan.

There’s a missing child. There’s a hard-headed cop trying to solve the disappearance. But this cop is Eva Thörnblad, and the missing child is her daughter Josefine.

Sounds like you’ve seen it all before? But rather than just a straightforwardly eerie pot-boiler, Jordskott slowly starts to weave subtle elements of Norse mythology into the story.

Scandi thriller fans who know about it are keen to tell their mates.

Even if everyone’s getting a little bored by the word “acclaimed”.

Of course you’re not going to find it particularly easy to watch this esoteric slice of Nordic nightmare. Partly because it’s on ITV Encore, only available to Sky subscribers.

And you know it’s not going to be an easy watch – especially if you’re in pain already.

It was also a little baffling how many people (despite tuning into a SWEDISH crime drama) were unwilling to accept there might be some subtitles to read.

Perhaps even more baffling was that some bona fide Swedes were merrily reading the subtitles in English.

But once audiences got past the channel difficulties and having to actually, y’know, read stuff, the whole eerie saga seemed to pay off very quickly.

And while we don’t want to ruin any of the finer plot points for you (and since it’s all a mystery, ‘plot’ is a bit non-existent this early on anyway), we think the “scary woods” of Jordskott could become a bit of a cult TV reference very soon…