Part of the St Albans Film Festival ‘adult evening’, expectations were high for stand-up show Coin-Operated Girl by a former 25 stone sex worker, with the mind boggling at the lewd stories she would have to tell.

Miranda Kane arrived on stage at The Maltings sedately dressed, but positively gleeful at having an audience of 52 instead of her usual one-on-one (sometimes two) scenario.

The 32-year-old talked about getting into the ’game’ in London after discovering men would pay up to £2,000 to spend the night with her bountiful body and I suspect the warmth and charm that won us over is the same quality that attracted her regulars.

Perhaps her niceness is her downfall as she seemed confusingly reluctant to spill the beans on any of the men’s grubby little secrets.

Instead she took us took us through her suitcase of essentials, seeming to think that items such as condoms and baby oil would shock us. They did not and her overuse of innuendo and winking left us unsatisfied.

Similarly her top ten requests from clients was presented as if she is lifting the lid on the secret world of prostitution, but it was nothing you couldn’t see on television or read about in a trashy woman’s magazine as proved when she held some examples.

Another part of the show relied on us laughing at online adds for escorts and the peculiar ’services’ they boast, strange as you would expect her to have an ’anything goes’ attitude to sex.

Miranda obviously has a very personal interest in the profession and did get on her soap box at one point to ’educate’ us about the fact prostitution isn’t illegal and the problems with the law. You can see her heart is in the right place, but it began to feel less and less like a stand-up show.

She had saved the best to last though, getting us all laughing out loud with a story about her strangest ever client, which showcased her comic timing.

I find it hard to believe she doesn’t have a lot more funny stories and all she needs to whip them out sharpish because as it stands, this show is lacking in thrills.