Fans from far and wide queued for several hours to meet their favourite Only Fools and Horses stars on Sunday as a little piece of Peckham arrived at Watford Leisure Centre Woodside in the form of the show’s annual convention, now in it’s 17th year.

The convention offered fans of the show the opportunity to rub shoulders with stars of the show including John Challis who played Boycie, Sue Holderness who played Marlene and Tessa Peake-Jones who played the role of Del Boy’s partner Raquel.

Fans were also able to view memorabilia from the show including costumes such as shirts worn in the show by Del Boy, buy merchandise and meet some of Britain’s best Only Fools and Horses lookalikes who were on hand for photographs.

Queues were expected and those attending the event were warned by organisers that they may have to wait several hours, but despite those warnings few could have imagined the length of queues to meet the stars of the show, with some people waiting up to eight hours.

The queues didn’t appear to deter the fans present, however with the atmosphere appropriately humorous, helped by classic episodes of the show being shown on a screen coupled with the excitement of ultimately being able to meet some of the cast who starred in the show.

It was surreal to meet the actors and actress I had seen hundreds of times on TV, but at the same time awesome and I was lucky enough to leave with autographs and photographs of each of the actors and actresses who had made the trip to Watford.

It was a brilliant day out with the wonderful cast members present finding time for everyone who attended. It is a must for any fan of Only Fools And Horses! Any fan of the show thinking about attending a future convention, well, you would be a plonker not to go!

Jacob White