Scott W Wright’s compelling one act play Regulation 18B – No Free Man will return to the stage this weekend following huge success since its premiere in 2015.

Based on true events from the time of the Blitz, when Britain stood alone against Nazi terror, one man - the eminent and admired Lord Atkin - must decide a case that could be the culmination of his storied career as a judge - or could tarnish his reputation forever.

He must decide how to strike the balance between civil liberty and wartime demands for stronger security in the face of worldwide terror. Sparks fly when those closest to him begin to question not only the judgment he plans to write but even their faith in the man they have so long admired.

Directed by Sylvia Wympenny, the touring production stars Peter Pearson from Radio 4, Jess Hadleigh and Jeremy Radburn.

Jess, who plays Betty, Lord Atkin’s daughter, says: “Regulation 18B has great relevance to what’s going on today, for all of us, and how we’re affected in terms of the balance between what we fear is going to happen to us in regards to the protection by the state of its subjects, what we morally think is right and our own civil liberties.

“With the recent announced intention by the Government to dis-apply the European Convention on Human Rights in times of war, the themes of this play could not be more topical.”

The Maltings artistic director, Adam Nichols, adds: “To have such an important, relevant piece of theatre here at The Maltings is very exciting and the fact that it’s performed in one act, makes it all the more compelling."

A panel session will follow each performance, members of which include an eminent member of the Queen’s Council and a former Mayor of St Albans.

Maltings Arts Theatre, Level 2, The Maltings, St Albans, AL1 3HL, Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12, 7.30pm. Details: 0333 666 3366