Rock on Tommy! This is a pantomime that has everything – lots of laughs, great costumes and sets, imaginative choreography and, thank goodness, lots of politically incorrect goings on.

This year's offering - Jack and the Beanstalk at the St Albans venue stars Cannon and Ball, the seasoned comedy twosome who know a thing or two about keeping an audience entertained, and it shone through with a packed audience on Tuesday evening.

Playing the giant’s henchmen, we booed Tommy (the taller one) and sympathised with Bobby, who no longer wanted to be bad. They are masters of audience participation and we howled with laughter as they told children in the audience to “sit up straight” or “shut up” and mercilessly baited some of the unsuspecting women in the front rows. All in good fun, though. While the show was fast-paced and well directed by Russell Labey, for me, it was disappointing when Cannon and Ball left the stage. Mr Bean came to visit, but I am still not entirely sure why. Perhaps it’s all in the name? But other high points of the night included an outstanding routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller by the ensemble of four dancers, the well-designed set of the giant’s lair and, indeed, Giant Blunderbore himself (Adam Salter). It was brave to bring him alive, rather than just have a scary voice off-stage. Ricky K as Jack and Barry Hester as Dame Trot did well not to be totally overshadowed by the show’s celebrity guests.

I particularly loved the audience sing-off, led by Tommy and Bobby. It was brilliant and had us all shouting and jeering at our rivals. And while the chance to throw foam ‘bricks’ at the giant by the audience members nearly ended in chaos, it proved that this show was all about the paying public having fun, fun, fun – and we did.

Ruth Brindle